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A griddle is a frying pan generally used on top of a cooktop for frying foods such as eggs or griddle cakes.

Griddles tend to be fairly thick. They may have a low rim or none at all, to facilitate flipping food with a spatula, and some have a gutter surrounding the cooking surface for collecting grease or drippings. Some lack the long handle seen in other frying pans; these may have small handles on opposite sides, suitable for hanging over a fire. A griddle may also be built into a cook top.

They are available flat, or with ridges in the cooking surface. Some are even reversible, with one type of surface on each face. Seasoned cast iron is the traditional material for griddles, but they are available in a wide range of other materials, as discussed in the pots and pans article.

Aside from its role as a frying pan, the griddle is also quite often used as bakeware for dishes such as corn bread and biscuits