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Fava Bean

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Fava beans, also faba beans, ful, horse beans, are strong flavoured beans with tough hulls. Large fava beans are often called broad beans in English-speaking countries.

Fava beans are much used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisines, and also feature in other cuisines.

Fava beans can be bought in the following forms:

  • Green, in the pod
  • Green, shelled and frozen
  • Dried, shelled
  • Dried, shelled and hulled, often also split

Recipes with fava beans

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Fava Bean

Cookbook | Recipes | Ingredients

Broad beans are large fava beans, common in English, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines. They are eaten green in England and either green or dried elsewhere.


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Broad Beans Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Northern hemisphere
Southern hemisphere

Broad bean plants started under glass or over-wintered in a protected location are ready for harvest in mid-spring. For normal crops the season starts at the end of spring and lasts through the summer. As the season progresses the beans grow larger and tougher and become encased in a thick outer skin, which is usually removed before cooking.

Out of season, green broad beans are usually available jarred, canned, or frozen.


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