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Cooking techniques or culinary techniques, the ways in which food and beverages are prepared, combined, heated, cooled, stored, and presented, are numerous and reflect the long historical development cooking has had alongside the growth of human culture and society.

Below offers an overview of these techniques. As each culture and society influences the ways in which we prepare our food, it is important to recognise that this is not a complete list and is also heavily Western-influenced. As well as this, cooking itself is on a spectrum between being an art as well as a science. This creates some techniques that are more guidelines or advice, whilst others must be followed carefully if the desired outcome is to be achieved.

Food preparation techniques[edit | edit source]

Measuring[edit | edit source]

Units of measurement

Preparing[edit | edit source]

See knife skills

Heating techniques[edit | edit source]

Baking[edit | edit source]

Broiling[edit | edit source]

Boiling[edit | edit source]

Device-based[edit | edit source]

Frying[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Specific cooking techniques[edit | edit source]

Preserving techniques[edit | edit source]