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Chicken Bog I
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  1. Put chicken in heavy aluminum pot and cover with hot water. Be sure there is enough water so that there will be at least 6 cups of broth after cooking chicken. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover, and simmer until chicken is very tender (an hour or more).
  2. While the chicken is cooking, put 4 cups of rice into a bowl, cover with cold water, and let soak.
  3. When chicken is very tender, remove pot from stove and let cool until the chicken can be handled.
  4. Take chicken from pot, and pull meat from bones in large pieces; do not cut it up. Discard any fat-heavy skin.
  5. Pour broth from pot into a bowl. If chicken was very fat and broth is very fatty, pour off about 1 cup of fat from broth.
  6. Wash pot, then put bacon in pot and cook slowly until bacon is crisp.
  7. Take bacon from pot and drain; leave bacon grease in pot.
  8. Put in chopped onion, green pepper and brown slightly.
  9. Add 6 cups chicken broth to pot, and season to taste with salt and pepper (at least a tablespoon of each—use a heavy hand since rice will absorb salt).
  10. Increase heat, bring broth to a boil, and put chicken in pot.
  11. Drain rice and put rice in pot.
  12. Add a stick of butter and mix well. Reduce heat, cover with lid, and simmer very slowly for about an hour. To avoid gooey rice, avoid stirring.
  13. When rice is tender and has absorbed the liquids, remove from stove. Serve hot. You can crumble bacon for a topping, according to taste.

Notes, tips, and variations

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  • Chicken bog can be kept in refrigerator or frozen and later reheated.