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A bean pot is a medium-sized earthenware vessel in which baked beans are customarily made. The ingredients are combined in the bean pot and left in a warm or moderate oven to bake for several hours, often four or more.

Modern bean pots come in a variety of colors and designs, but tradition holds that a bean pot should be two-tone brown, on cream.

Bean pots also vary widely in size, though two- and three-quart (2-3 L) pots are by far the most common. A one-quart (1 L) bean pot holds enough beans to feed two people sufficiently, while large families might find pots bigger than three quarts (3 L) to be excessive.

Although cooking baked beans in a bean pot is traditional, there is no reason that beans cannot be baked in any baking dish with a suitable cover. A Dutch oven is a well-suited replacement for a bean pot.

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