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Anchovy Paste

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Anchovy paste is a condiment made primarily of ground anchovies.


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The spreadable paste is made of ground cured anchovies combined with salt and often additional components such as vinegar, fat, or other seasonings.[1][2] It is very concentrated in flavor, tasting deeply salty and savory.

Selection and storage

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Anchovy paste has a relatively long shelf life of 1–2 years when properly stored in the fridge.[2] Make sure it is completely sealed, and discard it if it develops off or unusual odors.

Sometimes more convenient than whole anchovies, the paste is very useful for adding complex umami flavor to dishes.[1][2] It dissolves easily, and typically only a small amount is needed.[2] Although it is fish-based, it usually doesn't have an overtly fishy taste, instead playing a supporting role in flavoring a dish. It is especially common in sauces, soups, dressings, and marinades. Experiment with incorporating small amounts into dishes to add a savory flavor.


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