Constructivism & Technology

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This textbook, Constructivism & Technology: Transforming Schools & Classrooms, is initiated as a collaborative writing project for a Webster University graduate course on constructivism and technology.

  1. Introduction to Constructivism and Technology
  2. How People Learn: The Constructivists’ View
  3. Authentic Learning & Instruction
  4. Building Learning Communities
  5. Constructivism and the Individual Learners’ Responsibilities and Leadership
  6. Collaborative Research and Writing
  7. Assessment in the Constructivist Classroom
  8. Technology Tools & Processes in Constructivism: Case Examples
    8.1. Electronic Portfolios
    8.2. Podcasting & Audio-Sharing
    8.3. Constructivist Uses of Concept Development & Mental mapping
    8.4. Blogging as Journaling & Personal Knowledge Construction
    8.5. Social Video- and Photo-sharing
    8.6. Course Management tools for Constructivist Processes
    8.7. Mashups
    8.8. Social Networking Tools
    8.9. Collaborative Research and Web Authoring Tools