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Most westerners are unaware of the great variety there exists in music. Music is by no means the universal language it often is supposed to be. Even in such basic areas as the very building blocks of tonality there exist significant differences between Thai, Indian, Arab, Balinese and European music.

In order to be better equipped to create a new system, it is good to have some kind of grasp of what human cultures have created.

Therefore, this chapter will mostly analyze a number of musical systems somewhat superficially, and also go into the necessary math. Firstly, we will go into how scales are constructed. Secondly, we will look at some rather peculiar vocal techniques that mankind has come up with. Thirdly, miscellaneous things having to do with the music itself will be dealt with. Fourthly, the social and religious aspects of music will be discussed, and finally I will provide you with some listening advice.

The building blocks of music

The instrumentation and