Computer Information Systems in Education/Preface -- Why a Wikibook for Studying School Based IS?

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Computer Information Systems has become a ubiquitous part of life in schools today. Still these tools and processes are not examined in education as they have been examined in business. As a result many of the textbooks and writing on this subject remains outside of the purview of educators. It is with this problematique in mind that we in our Computer and Information Systems in Education course at Webster University, opted to create a Wikibook that explores these tools and attendant processes in schools.

To be sure, a Wikibook for examining CIS in schools is particularly compelling in an online distance based course. It opens the door to collaboration, information sharing and true cooperative learning. Similarly this mechanism provides an opportunity for co-authoring of large amounts of information in a poignant and efficient way.

In the chapters below the reader will see the varied interests of students across the United States as they explore how CIS shapes educational practice and performance.