Computer Information Systems in Education/Chapter 3/Section 7 -- School Community Systems

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'Pride-Pony Express'

Objectives 1. The parent(s) will learn how to use the internet as a means of communication with the teacher. 2. The parent(s) will learn what the Pony Express is and all about.

Vocabulary 1. Pony Express 2. Internet 3. E-mail

Equipment 1. Internet Service 2. Computer Software (Laptop, desktop, PDA, Cell phones, Etc.)

Pony Express The information system that I will be using is called the Pony Express. The Pony Express is a system that is has been put into place to help teachers and parents to have an open line of communication. The Pony Express will not only allow for the teachers and parent/guardian to communicate with each other, but it will also allow school personnel to relay important information to the parent/guardian about what is happening at the school as far as up-coming events. In order for the parent/guardian to have access to the Pony Express there will be certain criteria for them to follow at all times. The parent/guardian must first sign a form stating that they understand all rules and regulations that have been set forth by the school district. After the parent/guardian has signed the form the school’s guidance department will issue a user i.d and password. The parent/guardian will not: 1. Be allowed comprise the system by using bogus information. 2. Share User I.D.’s and passwords with others. 3. Be allowed to try and log-in to someone else’s account If the parent/guardian notices a discrepancy they must notify the school personnel immediately that they have noticed a problem with their account. To help protect the system there will be security procedure in place. These procedures will allow the parent/guardian to try and log-in with their user name and password twice after trying to log-in twice the system will automatically lock the parent out. To regain access the parent/guardian must notify the school that they have been locked out of the system, in order to regain access to the system.

Planning The planning process will involve parents, teachers, community leaders, and school board members. The process will begin by looking at the current information system that the district has in place to ensure that the Pony Express will be used in the most effective way. After a careful review of the current system the new system will then be introduced to the members of the community, parents, teachers, and the school board members. The board will then decide if the various schools within the county will benefit from what the program has to offer. The school board will then decide if there is money in the budget to approve the Pride-Pony Express system. The teachers, administrators, and parents of Madison County Central had a meeting concerning another way of communication besides by the telephone, and letters through the mail. After the meeting, several teachers and administration collaborated on creating a questionnaire for the several different people (community leaders, other teachers, school board members, and parents) to complete. The questionnaire asked various questions about internet access, email accounts, if computers were available in the home, and if so how much time was spent using the computer. The school board members asked the administrators and Central if a some type of parent meeting could be held once a month per grade level to help set up the Pride-Pony Express system ,and if the school would host fundraisers throughout the school year to help those parents who are less fortunate to purchase computers. After all of the questionnaire forms were returned and reviewed, the administrators and staff at Central decided to move ahead with the Pride-Pony Express System. The Pride-Pony Express System was adopted into the Madison County District School System with only Central School using it first. The Pride-Pony Express System passed unanimously 5-0 by the school board members. The Pride-Pony Express will not only be a means of communication for teachers, and parents on a regular basis, it will also serve as a reminder of upcoming events that are happening at the school. The parents will also be able to check to make sure that their children are actually attending class; the parents will also be able to see what the students are learning at any given time and check grades as well. The Pride-Pony Express System has not been put in place to by any means replace telephone conversations with the parents and teachers if only affords the parents and teachers both the another opportunity to guarantee the students are getting the best possible education.

Timeline for Planning

  First stage of Planning       First stage of Analysis            Second Stage of Design
   July 2007                                  January 2007                       April 2008

Second stage of Planning First & Second stage of Design Implementation Stage

  August 2007                    January - March 2008                          May 2008

Analysis What is Analysis? In dealing with analysis this is where the parents will have the opportunity to get a better understanding of exactly what Pride-Pony Express is. The parents will be able to actually look at all aspects of the system and get down deep and dirty with all the features it has to offer to them. The parents will be allowed access to Pride-Pony Express from where ever there is internet access be it from their cell phone, computer, hotel room or on vacation. The Pride-Pony Express will aloe parents the opportunity to see at all times what their students is doing and keep and hand in helping them to get the best education possible.

Design The Pride-Pony Express system was designed with the parent in mind. The system is set-up for if a parent has more than one student at a particular school that they will be allowed to use the same username and password provided that they use the child’s homeroom teacher’s name. However, when the parent puts in all of their information correctly it will automatically pull up all the information that is needed for all of their students that are enrolled in the district. The system will be bright and colorful, and have a tutorial page just in case the parents gets lost and needs help when ever a technician get be reached. The main page will be designed will all of the school’s in the district on it with the name of the administrator for each school. The main page will however be updated and changed on a regular basis. The system was mainly designed for parents and teachers; however the school administrators and school board members have access to the main page only. This is where they can put information on the page that they would like for the parents to know about. The main page is the school’s main website page which consists of a picture of the school, the school address and phone number, and the school motto. Also, the names the school administrators, school board members, and the teachers with the grade that they teach are on the main page as well. The background scene is filled with the school’s colors and school’s graphics. On the left hand side of the main page, there are several links that the parents click on to get to the proper destination.


Pride-Pony Express first came into action the summer of 2007. After careful consideration and a trail and error period it was decided that only one school would implement the system into their every school lives. After seeing how well Central did with the new system the entire district decided it was a system that they could benefit from greatly. Not only did the system get more parents involved in the education of the students, but it also turned out the district had more parental involvement as a district. The district saw an increase in grades, and a decrease in behavior referrals, as well as attendance.

Concept Map:


Short Answer

1. What is Pride-Pony Express? 2. How will the Pride-Pony Express be beneficial to both the parent and teacher? 3. Does Pride-Pony Express require internet access? 4. What does analysis mean to you?

True False

 5. ______ T or F  Students benefit from having access to Pride Pony Express.
 6. ______ T or F  Pride Pony Express does not requie a person to have internet access.
 7. ______ T or F  One can have the same username and password if there is more than   one child enrolled in district.
 8. ______ T or F   Central was the first school to adopt Pride Pony Express.


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