Complex Analysis/Function series, power series, Euler's formula, polar form, argument

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Series of complex functions[edit | edit source]

Given a sequence of (possibly holomorphic functions) we can, in the case of convergence, form the series


which depends on and may be seen as a complex function, where domain of definition equals domain of convergence. We first note the obvious definitions (we count from zero since this will allow for the important special case of power series without any modifications).

Definition 3.1:

The series

is called convergent in iff

exists. It is called absolutely convergent in iff


Within the interior of the domain of convergence, the complex differentiability of all the implies the differentiability of the corresponding series, and moreover we may differentiate term-wise.

Theorem 3.2:

Power series[edit | edit source]

In this section, we specialize the considerations of the previous section down to the case , where is a sequence of constants.