Common Lisp/External libraries/ASDF/Installing ASDF

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Installing ASDF

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Is it installed for you?

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Many lisp systems encoding SBCL, Allegro, OpenMCL and ECL are bundled with asdf. To test this, try entering the following into a lisp interpreter:

(require 'asdf)

If this succeeds, ASDF is installed and ready to go.

Downloading ASDF

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If you have cvs installed, you can download asdf with the following commands. Press enter when prompted for a password.

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P asdf

Alternatively, you can just download asdf.lisp from

Under Debian Linux and related systems, you can install asdf with:

apt-get install cl-asdf

Loading ASDF

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Save asdf.lisp and associated other files into a location of your choice. For example my lisp files are in my home directory at /Users/Kirk/lisp. If you install ASDF system wide it may be under /user/local/lib.

Open the startup file for the lisp you are running. For clisp this will be ~/.clisprc.lisp. For cmucl try ~/.cmucl-init. Add the following line:

(load #p"/Path/to/asdf.lisp")

Replace /Path/to with the full path to the asdf.lisp file.

For example, if you've used cl-asdf package on Debian (or Ubuntu) GNU/Linux, the command will look like this:

(load #p"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/cl-asdf/asdf.lisp")