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This is an elementary course in the Japanese language. Please read the Introduction first.

Note: To use this book, your web browser first must be configured to read Japanese.


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Basic Japanese Red.png

Description: This is the starting point for beginners. You will learn how to read Hiragana and Katakana, which are the two Japanese alphabets.

Elementary Japanese Red.png

Description: You will learn how Japanese sentences are formed, how to introduce yourself and be able to read and converse to an elementary level.

Kanji Lessons Red.png

Description: Here you will learn how to read kanji. Refer to this section to accompany your study.

JLPT Guide Red.png

Description: This guide will help you prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Appendices Yellow.png

Description: You will find the master list for Grammar, Phrases, Vocabulary. Also, useful external links for software, background reading, and other methods of proficiency certification.


Japanese:Table of Contents
Writing system

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  1. Japanese:Phrases
  2. Japanese:Lesson E01
  3. Japanese:Kana
  4. Japanese:Basic Japanese sounds
  5. Japanese:Romaji
  6. Japanese:Advanced Topics
  7. Japanese:Parts of Speech
  8. Vocabulary Lists


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