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af-N Hierdie gebruiker kan Afrikaans as moedertaal lees en skryf.
en-4 This user can read and write at a near-native level in English.

The GoodStuff[edit | edit source]

The GoodStuff is a South African software developer. He wants to be a hacker when he grows up one day.

He speaks far more computer languages (Basic,Logo,Pascal,C,C++,Java,Python,C#) than human ones, (Afrikaans,English) and he finds it difficult to spot the differences between American and British English. He would like to learn Russian and Lojban but is currently concentrating on learning Japanese which alternately delights, frustrates and bemuses him.

The GoodStuff's love for good food and cooking has gained him a few extra kilograms which he hopes to lose one of these days. He loves most types of Japanese and Chinese cooking, but specialises in vegetarian cooking due to a three and a half year vegetarian period. He's eminently bribable with some good sushi. He also likes cats, bats, and gadgets. He also likes women, but they don't ever seem to like him back with the same zeal.

The GoodStuff has a name in common with Carl Gustav Jung,Carl Gustaf XVI, Gustav Klimt, Gustav Kirchhoff, and Gustave Eiffel. He is justifiably proud of his username which is a homophone and not just the invention of an overdeveloped ego.

That's all for now... Check regularly for expansions and updates.

GoodStuff 09:28, 7 Sep 2004 (UTC)