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setgalaxylightgain[edit | edit source]

setgalaxylightgain { gain <gainnumber> }

Set the level of Galaxy light gain (brightness).


  1. When visiting Galaxies outside of the Milky Way, boosting brightness can improve your view of distant Galaxies, while within the Milky Way, lowering the brightness can improve your view of stars, planets, moons etc..
  2. Galaxy brightness will also respond to setting the faintest visible magnitude of stars, using the setfaintestautomag45deg or setvisibilitylimit commands. These commands are linked.


gain <gainnumber>
Number that defines the new level of Galaxy light gain (brightness).
Must be between 0 (0%) and 1 (100%), otherwise it will be adjusted to the nearest valid value (0 or 1).

CELX equivalent:

Based on the 1.5.0 celestia:setgalaxylightgain() method.

  • Set the level of Galaxy light gain (brightness) to <gainnumber>.

Enable the rendering of Galaxies and maximize their brightness.


renderflags { set "galaxies" }
setgalaxylightgain { gain 1 }


celestia:setrenderflags{galaxies = true}

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