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setfaintestautomag45deg[edit | edit source]

setfaintestautomag45deg { magnitude <faintestnumber> }

Set the lowest Magnitude of stars to be displayed when Auto-Magnitude is on.


magnitude <faintestnumber>
The magnitude at which stars will become visible, when Auto-Magnitude is on. Default is 8.5.
The Celestia user interface allows a range from about 1.0 to 15.0.

CELX equivalent:

Based on the celestia:setrenderflags() and celestia:setfaintestvisible() methods.

  • Enable "AutoMag" and set the faintest magnitude of stars at 45°.
    <faintestnumber> is the new faintest magnitude of stars.
celestia:setrenderflags{automag = true}
celestia:setfaintestvisible( <faintestnumber> )



setfaintestautomag45deg { magnitude 9.0 }


celestia:setrenderflags{automag = true}

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