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Grammar lessons of the German book.

Pages in category "Book:German/Grammar"

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  1. German/Grammar/Declining adjectives
  2. German/Grammar/Subordinating conjunctions
  3. German/Grammar/Reflexive pronouns
  4. German/Grammar/Demonstratives
  5. German/Grammar/Basic terminology
  6. German/Grammar/The simple past tense
  7. German/Grammar/Modal auxiliary verbs
  8. German/Grammar/Possessives and the genitive case
  9. German/Grammar/Dative prepositions
  10. German/Grammar/Impersonal verbs
  1. German/Grammar/Adjectives and Adverbs
  2. German/Grammar/Reflexive pronouns
  3. German/Grammar/Alphabet and Pronunciation
  4. German/Grammar/Modal auxiliary verbs
  5. German/Grammar/Declining adjectives
  6. German/Grammar/Pronomial possessives
  7. German/Grammar/Impersonal verbs
  8. German/Grammar/Sentences
  9. German/Grammar/Noun phrases
  10. German/Grammar/Dative prepositions

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