Castle of the Winds/Technical Notes

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Graphics[edit | edit source]

All terrain tiles, some landscape features, all monsters and objects, and some spell/effect graphics take the form of Windows icons. A tile is thus the size of an icon, 32 pixels square. This means that they can be applied to shortcuts, if desired, with no extraction process. Since they are public domain, they can also be used for other software.

Multi-tile graphics, such as ball spells and town buildings, are bitmaps included in the executable file.

No graphics use colours other than the Windows standard 16-colour palette (plus transparent). They exist in monochrome versions as well, suggesting that the game will run even if Windows’ video mode is set to monochrome.

The map view is identical to the playing-field view, except for being scaled to fit on one screen. (This actually increases the size of some levels on 1280x1024 screens.) A simplified map view is available to improve performance on even slower computers.