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The idea of a Creative Commons Career Handbook was born while working in a Career Center in a European university. The general problem with universities in Europe is that resources are too limited to create valuable resources for students and others. The vision I have with this handbook is that it will evolve in a reference for students, but also for more experienced professionals who need to write cover letters and update their CVs.

Skills[edit | edit source]


Transferable skills[edit | edit source]

Business awareness[edit | edit source]

Networking[edit | edit source]

Application process[edit | edit source]


Reading job advertisements[edit | edit source]

Application tools[edit | edit source]


Curriculum Vitae[edit | edit source]

In most European countries a Curriculum Vitae is used instead of a [resume], which is more common in North America.

Structure of a CV

Resume Header------------

  • Name (including gender, age, and nationality)
  • Address (including phone and email)

Goals and Objective

Resume Header------------

Resume Body--------------

  • Details of Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills possessed
  • Brief Description of Work Experience
  • Significant Achievements

Resume Body--------------

Resume Footer------------

  • Other experience
  • Personnel Details (Languages know,DOB,)
  • Hobbies

Resume Footer

How to use action verbs[edit | edit source]

Action verbs can be used to stress the skills you possess and want to bring to the attention of the recruiter. Action verbs can best be used at the beginning of a sentence, since they get the most attention at that place.

How to build a good CV-sentence?

Appendix[edit | edit source]


Action verbs[edit | edit source]

Action verbs can be used in [CVs], [resumes] and [letters]. On this page you find a list of action verbs organized by the type of skill that the action verb signals.

Administrative skills

  • approved
  • arranged
  • catalogued
  • ...

Communication skills

  • addressed
  • advertised
  • edited