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About SDL Trados[edit | edit source]

SDL TRADOS is CAT translation software, widely used by corporate language departments, language service providers, freelance translators and academic institutions. As other CAT tools, SDL Trados is designed to increase efficiency and quality during translation and localization. Probably the most frequently used components of a CAT tool are:

Translation memory: A linguistic database that records your translations as you work, then displays past translations when the same or similar source material appears again.

Terminology management: Essentially a dictionary that can be referenced on the fly while working

SDL Trados 2007[edit | edit source]

SDL Trados 2007 adds a new component, Synergy, which provides means to keep track of multiple files with the memory and terminology database.

As with any CAT tool, there are frequent complaints about bugs and failures in this software. User groups are available to seek help to problems, and SDL Trados provides a fee-based support system (also the target of many complaints).

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