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For more information on Déjà Vu's Lexicon feature, please read the DVX Help.
A nice review of this feature (applying to both DV3 and DVX) written by Ruud Harmsen is found here:

How to use the Build Lexicon option in DVX
(As outlined by Dave Turner in a message to - Thanks Dave!)

  • Lexicon > Build lexicon > Limit maximum number of words per entry to: 4.

Scope: Current file or All files.

  • Lexicon > Remove entries > Rows with: 4 or less words in source, 2 or less


  • Select the Lexicon in the File Navigator and click on Toggle sorting.
  • Sort by 1. Number of words (ascending), 2. Frequency (descending), 3.

Source text (ascending)

  • Start by translating the immediately obvious 2-word and 3-word terms that

occur most frequently

  • Delete all rows with empty targets: Lexicon > Remove entries > All rows with

empty targets