CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/deal with USB dongle problems

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What to do when the USB dongle is not detected by Déjà Vu, even though it is plugged in the computer.

  1. Unplug the dongle.
  2. Run setupdrv.exe (in the Déjà Vu folder; by default: C:\Program Files\DejaVu).+
  3. Turn off the computer.
  4. Plug the dongle.
  5. Start the computer.
  6. Let Windows install the software required by the dongle.
  7. Run Déjà Vu.

+ In the case of DVX, the folder you want is C:\Program Files\ATRIL\Deja Vu X\Dongle.

If Déjà Vu continues to run in demo mode, run ddlook.exe (located in your Déjà Vu folder) and send to what this program reports, including any extended error messages.