CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/TDB Interface

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  • Option to use only entries from settable client and subject (levels) for assembly, pretranslation and autosearch actions. (Gudmund Areskoug)
  • Compound term handling, allowing for terms of the form "source1a ... source1b" > "target1a ... target1b" to be sent to TDB and assembled. (Gudmund Areskoug)
  • Not oblige us to have only one main lemma when adding terminology, so that, for example, an English, Spanish, French glossary imported into DVX will work for translating in all directions. (Timothy Barton)
  • Two column view, like in DV3, only with the option to select language domains for the columns, to see e. g. all EN, EN-US or EN-GB in source and all DE, DE-DE or DE-CH in target. (Gudmund Areskoug)