CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/Spelling Check

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  • Automatic spelling check of active segment on CTRL/ALT+down. (Rob Laumen)
  • Spelling checker should ignore words/phrases in the Lexicon (Jenny Zonneveld)
  • An option to flag consecutive identical words (e.g. "press Open to open the menu"). The spelling checker will report "doubled words" (Tools - Spelling - Options) but it would be nice if this option were also integrated into the AutoCheck on CTRL/ALT+down feature (Tools - Options - General - Terminology Checks—The latter ought to be renamed to a more general indication e.g. Auto-Check/Auto-Verification). (Rob Laumen)
  • Squiggly red line typo indicator. This was promised in DVX but hasn't materialised yet (Herbert Eppel, 9 July 07)