CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/Search and Replace

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  • Search & Replace should end up where it started and give the total number of replacements (Martin Wunderlich)
  • Search and Replace should have the option "Update Translation Memory accordingly" . (Georgy Moiseenko)
  • When performing a Replace all, indicate how many replacements were done (useful to count how many times a word is used), as in Word and keep the cursor in the original segment, rahter than the last updated segment (Walter Weyne)
  • And should not loose focus when complete (Jenny Zonneveld)
  • Should (as a second alternative to the "Match case" option) be able to handle case "intelligently", as in GNU Emacs (and Word?): if the replaced word (the match found) is uppercase, the replacement should be uppercase, too. If the replaced word is lowercase, the replacement should be lowercase. (Florian v. Savigny) (And yes - S&R's losing focus is very annoying, I fully agree!)