CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/Project Properties

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  • Store original import directory in project so that it can be exported (by default) again to a subdirectory of the original import directory instead than the last export directory, as is the current default option (Lorenzo Martinelli - edited by Alessandra Muzzi)
  • Being able to prune unwanted languages from list of languages available (Lorenzo Martinelli)
  • Ability to set a default directory for exporting projects, selectable among: 1) The directory where the project resides; 2) The directory source files were imported from; 3) A user-specified directory. (Alessandra Muzzi)
  • Project templates that allow users to specify, once and for all, settings such as Client, Subject, Memory Database(s), Terminology Database(s), any custom settings, and possibly lexicon (saved in the template and updated each time that template is used for a project). (Alessandra Muzzi)
  • Templates for all procedures currently managed by wizards, that allow expert users to bypass the multiple wizard steps/screens by selecting the appropriate template. (Alessandra Muzzi)