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Added: --Loek van Kooten 13:10, 9 February 2007 (UTC)

Reported by: Jorge Gorín

Version: 7.0.284

System: Unknown

Description: I find that whenever a word (appearing in whatever place in the sentence) starts with a capital letter or is fully capitalized, as is common in technical manuals, the blue/underlined translations shown by DVX at assembly time tend to show no more than one or two options, instead of all the translations for the word that are present in the TDB/Lexicon/MDB. This was not so in the past, and started apparently with build 284.

There is no definite pattern for this bug, as in some occasions (but very few) the whole list is shown, and also on some occasions just a couple of translations are shown even when the word neither doesn't start with a capital letter nor is fully capitalized. But in general, I found that this problem tends to appear when a translation for the source word exists also in the MDB, for example in a one-word TU present in the MDB. In that cases, DVX normally stops displaying the rest of the blue/underlined translations as soon as it finds the translated word in the MDB.

On the other hand, all the available translations remain available in the AutoSearch Portions windows, and can be picked from there as usual. (The problem is that I am used to pick from the blue/underlined words in the cell itself.)

I hope that I have been clear, and I also hope that this very annoying bug (at least for me, since it tends to void my efforts in sending terms to the TDB and Lexicon) is finally fixed in the new version to appear soon.




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