CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/MDB Interface

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  • The ability to set a minimum number of words for a sentence to be sent to the MDB (as in DV3). (This would eliminate the need for laborious SQL maintenance) (Marinus Strang - edited by Rob Laumen)
  • Option to use only entries from settable client and subject (levels) for assembly, pretranslation and autosearch actions. (Gudmund Areskoug)
  • Support for similar kind of hierarchichal match preference behavior for client subdivisions as for subjects. (Gudmund Areskoug)
  • Compound subjects, like in newer Dewey systems. (Gudmund Areskoug)
  • Ability to go via language top domains, e. g. "en" for all varieties of English when working with databases (Gudmund Areskoug)
  • Editable grid view for selected language pairs in the databases, same as when working with translations. (Gudmund Areskoug)