CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/How to reply to bug reports

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  1. Register on this site and log in if you haven't done this yet.
  2. You only need to read the New bugs (one at a time if time is pressing). Once read:
  • Edit the main page and move said bug to either Known bugs or Solved bugs.
  • Go to the separate bug page.
  • Edit said page and change a) Status: into Comments from Atril Software:
  • Insert a) your comments on/questions about said bug b) expected date of bug fix c) a datestamp, which you insert like this:



I have been able to reproduce the issue. This bug should be fixed somewhere in June 2007 (version 2.0.296). --Loek van Kooten 20:56, 9 February 2007 (UTC)