CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/Freeze on UPPERCASE

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Added: Rod Bowman

Version: 7.0.273

System: Windows XP SP2

Description: DVX freeze on spellchecking words in uppercase. Requiring Crtl-Alt-Del and re-launching DVX.

Reproduction: The issue can be reproduced in any project where this problem occurs

Workaround: Note the line where DVX froze, exit DVX and relaunch. Go to this line and scroll down looking for a misspelt word in uppercase. Start the spell check after this word

Comments from Atril Software:

  • I have tested this issue and, after some seconds, DVX continues working perfectly with the spell-checking. With the options that Loek has written below, the spell-checking does not freeze.
--Javier Arrizabalaga 09:00, 13 February 2007

Comments from other users:

  • I think there's a way around this. Have you tried selecting only the following options under Check Spelling > Options? If your selection is different, one of these different options is the culprit.

Allow accented capital letters
Case sensitive
Internet addresses
Suggest split words

--Loek van Kooten 17:51, 9 February 2007 (UTC)