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Freeze during launch

Added: --Loek van Kooten 19:29, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Version: 7.0.284

System: Windows XP SP2

Description: When launching DVX, the software sometimes gets stuck at the splash screen, mostly during the "Initializing engine objects" phase, but sometimes later. The running instance of DVX cannot be closed via Task Manager, and as long as said instance is running, no new instance of DVX can be started. The only way to end the running instance seems to be a restart of the system, which can take up to 10 minutes because Windows fails to timely close the running instance.

Description: Same as above, but then after clicking the Help - About Deja Vu X option.

Reproduction: This issue could be reproduced easily on at least two systems, both using USB dongles and a recent (as of 2007) ASUS motherboard.

Workaround: When DVX freezes, disconnect the USB dongle. The launch should continue and DVX should start in demo mode. Close DVX, reconnect the dongle and try again.


Cannot be solved directly by Atril Software. Atril Software will need to contact third party dongle driver.

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