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FLA is a proprietary software vector graphics file format produced by the Macromedia Flash software from Adobe Systems (formerly Macromedia). FLA files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. FLA is also sometimes used for creating animated display graphics and menus for DVD movies, and television commercials.

The Flash program produces SWF files as a compressed and uneditable final product, whereas it uses the .fla format for its editable working files. (Source: Wikipedia)

Handling FLA files in DVX

If you got here, you probably did not get the texts for your Flash animation handed in Word. Instead the client gave you a FLA file, which means that the client wants you to act both as a translator and a web designer. It is important that you realize this.

To open FLA files, you will need Macromedia Flash, which comes at a price. The only way to process the texts in DVX is old-fashioned copy and paste.

For a good localization you will need Macromedia Flash anyway, as you will need to resize some of the text boxes to keep the lay-out nice and tight (think Microsoft PowerPoint). For this, you will also need the actual fonts (the price of which can range from several dozens to several thousands of dollars). Which fonts you need depends on the fonts defined in the FLA file. If the used fonts cannot be traced or are too expensive to buy, consult the client about alternative (cheaper) fonts. You could for example opt for Univers if you can't find Lucida Grande (Wikipedia has great information about font families and look-a-likes). Also, some software packages, like CorelDraw, offer many professional fonts for free.

If you want to start localizing FLA files professionally, you should prepare yourself for an extra investment of about 700 USD (for Macromedia Flash, excluding fonts). Be prepared to charge at least 150% of your normal rate, as localizing FLA files is a lot of work, no matter which tools you use.