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Added: Unknown

Reported by: Unknown user.

Version: Unknown

System: Unknown

Description: The USB dongle is not detected by Déjà Vu, even though it is plugged in the computer.

Reproduction: Can the issue be reproduced? Can it be reproduced on different systems? This is very important to establish a pattern.


  1. Disconnect your dongle.
  2. Click on the menu option Start->Run, and in the ensuing textbox type: "C:\Program Files\ATRIL\Deja Vu X\Dongle\setupdrv.exe" /u +
  3. Reboot.
  4. Download the dongle driver installer from here.
  5. Extract the installer, and copy it to this folder: "C:\Program Files\ATRIL\Deja Vu X\Dongle\" +
  6. Install the drivers. To do so, open Start menu, click on Run and enter and execute the following line for USB dongle:
    1. "C:\Program Files\ATRIL\Deja Vu X\Dongle\setupdrv.exe" +
    2. Or this line for a parallel port dongle: "C:\Program Files\ATRIL\Deja Vu X\Dongle\setupdrv.exe" /par +
  7. Reboot again.
  8. Connect your dongle.
  9. The New Hardware Wizard will appear as soon as Windows detects the dongle. Follow it instructions, and, when this is done, the dongle drivers will be installed.

+ In the case of DV3, the path to the installer will be "C:\Program Files\DejaVu\Setupdrv.exe".

If Déjà Vu continues to run in demo mode, run ddlook.exe (located in your Déjà Vu folder) and send to what this program reports, including any extended error messages.


Cannot be solved directly by Atril Software. Atril Software will need to contact third party dongle driver.

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