CAT-Tools/DéjàVu X/AutoSearch - Portions

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  • Customisable display of TDB fields in AutoSearch - Portions pane. (Rob Laumen)
  • Alphabetical instead of chronological sorting of terms/phrases in AutoSearch - Portions pane. (Rob Laumen)
  • Option for displaying duplicate TDB entries in the PF window (Herbert Eppel, 20 Nov 06)
  • Option to sort Autosearch—Portions alphabetically, and to add one or more words that, if any of them occurs as the first word of a multi-word term, they would be ignored (e.g., der, die, das, the, a, an, la, and le). (??)
  • Multiple ASP entries can be selected but not deleted (only the last entry of the selection is deleted) - please enable multiple deletion (Herbert Eppel, 10 July 07)
  • When an ASP entry is deleted the cursor jumps back to entry no. 1. It would be much preferable for the cursor to jump to the next entry (Herbert Eppel, 10 July 07)