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3. Auto-propagate

Version: 7.0.284

System: Windows XP SP2

Description: DVX gets confused by number conversion issues in translations from Japanese and therefore copies numbers of auto-propagated strings straight away without actually checking whether the numbers in the auto-propagated 'copy' are equal to the numbers in the auto-propagated 'original'.


平成19年2月2日 (The year Heisei 19, 2nd month, 2nd day) is translated as February 2, 2007

平成19年1月1日 (The year Heisei 19, 1st month, 1st day) is auto-propagated as February 2, 2007 (it should be January 1st 2007)

While it is understandable that DVX cannot come up with the right translation for the auto-propagated copy, the danger lies in the fact that DVX marks the copy as auto-propagated while in fact the source text is different. Turning auto-propagation off is the other extreme, as that also cancels auto-propagation of strings that would otherwise be propagated correctly.

Solution: DVX should not auto-propagate strings if a) the source text is Japanese AND b) numbers in the auto-propagated copy are not equal to numbers in the auto-propagated original. Reproduction:



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