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Chapter 4
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Cataracts at Foz do Iguaçu (Iguaçu Falls), Paraná)
Chapter 4 - Na Sala de Aula
This Lesson's Vocabulary

Classroom Objects

This Lesson's Grammar

Plurals of Adjectives

Further Subject-Adjective Agreement

The Verb Ir and Locational Contractions

Warm-up Exercises[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Structure[edit | edit source]

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • papel (paper) never takes the indefinite articles. The following are the possibilities:

o papel
os papeis
Remember that to make an -l noun plural, switch the -l to -is.
Furthermore, os papéis may also mean "the forms" or "the documents."
o pedaço/a folha de papel (the piece/sheet of paper)
os pedaços/as folhas de papel (the pieces/sheets of paper)
um pedaço/uma folha de papel (a piece/sheet of paper)
uns pedaços/umas folhas de papel (some/a few pieces/sheets of paper)

Here are a few extra vocabulary words:

o teste - quiz or multiple-choice question (you're being "tested" on it)

a prova - test (you're trying to "prove" you know it)

o exame - exam

a nota - numerical grade

a pergunta, questão - question (pergunta tends to be used more for spoken questions, questão for written ones)

a resposta - answer (think of "response")

a redação - essay

a dissertação, a redação dissertativa - expository essay

Be careful not to mix up the meanings of teste and prova - testes are worth less than provas, which are in turn worth less than exames.

Exercises[edit | edit source]

A. Testes e Questões Dissertativas - Multiple-Choice Questions and Written Answers

1. Qual vale mais pra nota final? (Which is worth more for the final grade?)

A. Um Teste
B. Uma Caneta
C. Uma Prova
D. Uma Borracha

2. Explique sua resposta pra primeira pergunta em inglês. (Explain your answer to the first question in English.)

3. Quais três coisas são necessárias para escrever na sala de aula (em português)? (Which three things are necessary for writing in the classroom? Answer in Portuguese.) Warning: when answering this one, remember the adjective for "necessary" and that in lists, a comma never precedes "e" - Um, dois e três - NOT Um, dois, e três.

Grammar[edit | edit source]

Adjective Plurals[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

Agreement with the Subject[edit | edit source]

Ir[edit | edit source]

Brazilian Portuguese Verb • Chapter 4
Ir Flag of Brazil.svg To Go

Eu vou Nós vamos
Você vai Vocês vão
Ele/Ela vai Eles/Elas vão

Locational Prepositions[edit | edit source]

Brazilian Portuguese Prepositions • Chapter 4
Locational Prepositions Flag of Brazil.svg Contractions

preposição o os a as um uns uma umas
para pro pros pra pras prum pruns pruma prumas
em no nos na nas num nuns numa numas

Exercises[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Education in Brazil, Getúlio Vargas and the Constitution of 1937? created public schools in Brazil

Review[edit | edit source]

Answers to Exercises[edit | edit source]

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