Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Realistic Silver

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Half-Decent Silver[edit | edit source]

Material[edit | edit source]


    R= .675
    G= .675
    B= .750
    Alpha= 1
Shaders[edit | edit source]
Diffuse Shader= Lambert
Ref= .912
Tangent= on
Specular Shader= Cook Torr
Spec= .23
Hard= 90
Mirror Transparency[edit | edit source]
Ray mirror= on
RayMir= .10
Fresnel= 1.000
Texture[edit | edit source]
Texture type= clouds
NoiseSize= .850
NoiseDepth= 6
Noise Basis= Original Perlin

Map to

Col= on
Nor= on (Mine went yellow when I double tapped it, looks better than just one click)


    R= 1
    G= 1
    B= 1

Map Input

Orco= on
Cube= on