Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Beginning Modeling Final Project

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Now that you've gotten the hang of 3D modeling, it's important to get some community feedback on your progress. Don't be an idiot and skip this part, or you'll regret it later. Basically this will help you track your progress and give you something that you'll be working on over a long term and something you'll be proud of.

  • First, you need to come up with a project idea. You can choose your own modeling project, or choose one from the list below.
  • Second, you need to create a model of your idea. Spend a couple of hours on it, and give it some details.
  • Third, once you believe you've come far enough with the model, post it in the Works In Progress forum on (you will have to create an account if you haven't already). Post several screenshots of your model from within the Blender (note: creating screenshots is outside the scope of this wikibook, though see note lower down the page). You can post whatever subject and message with your posting that you would like, or you can use this suggested subject and message:
Subject: Beginning Modeling Final Project - <project name>
Please assist me with any feedback on my model, keeping in mind that I am an absolute beginner still. I appreciate your help.
  • Wait for feedback. It usually comes very quickly. If you have any questions about feedback that you are given, don't be afraid to ask your questions in the forum.
  • When you and others that have viewed your work feel that you are ready, save your model in some place you can get back to easily. You will continue working on this project once you've learned some new skills.
  • Move on to the next page.

(BTW. in Windows and/or maybe other OS, to take a screenshot press 'PrtScn' (PrintScreen). It will copy the screen to clipboard for you to paste in your favourite graphics application. This may not work in other OSs but try anyway. You can also create Blender screenshot directly from Blender using menu File>Dump 3DView... or File>Dump Screen... )

(In linux under the KDE I use ksnapshot, check under the graphics tab and see if you have it. If not it should be just a google search away :) gl and happy blendering)

(On Mac OS X, press Command (Apple) + Shift + 3 to do a full screen capture)

  • List of ideas:
  • A Computer and keyboard
  • A fishing rod
  • A train engine
  • A skyscraper
  • A robot
  • A Tank (real or made up)
  • An airplane
  • A truck or car
  • Household appliances
  • A Weapon