Biblical Studies/New Testament Commentaries/Galatians

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This is an accessible chapter-by-chapter commentary on Paul's letter to the Galatians. It attempts to reflect a broad and even-handed presentation of scholarly opinion (ancient and contemporary) about the book. And it attempts to do so with the clarity necessary to make it fully intelligible to non-specialists in biblical studies.

Three major sections may be expected within the commentary on each chapter:

a. Background Information: i. Historical Context: What do contemporary readers need to know that author assumed his first readers probably took for granted? ii. Literary Context: How may the constituent parts of a given chapter be better appreciated by information about the structure of the book as a whole?

b. Explanation: i. Analysis: What does a verse-by-verse examination of the constituent words and phrases suggest about the meaning of the chapter? Consideration will be given to their use in the Old Testament and other nearly contemporary literature. ii. Paraphrase: In light of these considerations an expansive, highly interpretive paraphrase of each chapter will be offered. The paraphrase attempts to avoid technical, theological jargon so as to allow contemporary secular English readers to understand the point of the chapter.

c. Implications: i. Reception: How has this chapter been received and understood by readers across the centuries since its origin? ii. Influence: What are the apparent theological and practical implications of this chapter within the entire Christian canon of Scripture? What has this chapter contributed to the views of contemporary Christianity?

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