Biblical Studies/Christianity/John 3/The Comfortable Words

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Wiki religious discussion records history, a dark day, but the result is comfortable words, as God breathed a sigh.

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The verses, The Comfortable Words, are not labeled as such in the U.S. BCP p. 331 (Holy Eucharist I). I should add "This" to Little Gospel, referring to the John 3:16 discourse only. Athrash 00:39, 8 Jul 2005 (UTC)

I join you in your prayers for London at this time: it is certainly a resilient city and a resilient people.

The 1549 Prayer Book of Edward VI has:

Heare what coumfortable woordes our sauiour Christ sayeth, to all that truely turne to him.

Come unto me all that trauell, and bee heauy laden, and I shall refreshs you. So God loued the worlde that he gaue his onely begotten sonne, to the ende that al that beleue in hym, shoulde not perishe, but haue lyfe euerlasting.

Heare also what saint Paul sayeth.

This is a true saying, and woorthie of all men to bee receiued, that Jesus Christe came into thys worlde to saue sinners.

Heare also what saint John sayeth.

If any man sinne, we haue an aduocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propiciacion for our sinnes.
These words have become a very important part of Anglican tradition.