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In Bengali culture:

These are the "titles" for family members. With the exception of Father, Mother, and Grandparents (who are called by the title only), all of these titles are added after the name of the person.

  • Father: Baba, Abba, Abbu, Babi, Bajan or Abbajan
  • Mother: Maa, Amma, Ammu or Ammajan
  • Son: Bapdhon, babaji (Boddrudin bapdhon, Keramutullah babaji)

  • Brother (also male cousins): Bhai, Dada, Dadu Da (e.g. Kamal Bhai, Mithuda)
  • Brother's Wife: Bhabhi or Boudi (e.g. Jui Bhabhi)
  • Sister (also female cousins): Apu, Appi, Bubu or Didi
  • Older Sister: Apu, Appi, Bubu or Didi
  • Sister's Husband: Dulabhai or Jamaibabu
  • Father's Younger Brother: Choto Kaka, Chacchu or Chacha
  • Father's Younger Brother's Wife: Choto Kaki or Chachi
  • Father's Oldest Brother: Boro Kaka, Boro Abba, Baba, Jetha or Chacha
  • Father's Oldest Brother's Wife: Boro Kaki or Chachi
  • Father's Sister: Fupu, Biti or Pishi
  • Father's Sister's Husband: Fupa or Pesho
  • Mother's Brother: Mama
  • Mother's Brother's Wife: Mami
  • Mother's Sister: Khala or Mashi
  • Mother's Sister's Husband: Khalu or Mesho
  • Paternal Grandfather: Dada, Dadajan, Bhaiyo or Thakurda
  • Paternal Grandmother: Dadi, Dadima, Didima or Thakurma
  • Maternal Grandfather: Nana
  • Maternal Grandmother: Nani
  • Husband’s or Wife's Father: Shoshur
  • Husband’s or Wife's Mother: Shashuri
  • Wife's Younger Sister: Shaali
  • Wife's Younger Brother: Shala
  • Wife's Elder Sister: Jeises or Jeithas
  • Wife's Elder Brother: Somundhi
  • Husband’s Elder Brother: Bhasur
  • Husband’s Elder Brother’s Wife: Jaa
  • Husband’s Younger Brother: Debor or Deor
  • Husband’s Younger Brother’s wife: Jaa
  • Husband’s Younger Sister: Nonod
  • Husband's Older Sister: Nonash
  • Husband’s Sister’s Husband: Nandoi
  • Brother’s Son: Bhaipo or Bhatija
  • Brother’s Daughter: Bhaiji or Bhatiji
  • Sister’s Son: Bhagne or Bhagina
  • Sister’s Daughter: Bhagni
  • Cousins are considered to be "brother" or "sister".