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The Bangla alphabet contains:

  • Vowels: অ, আ, ই, ঈ, উ, ঊ, ঋ, এ, ঐ, ও, ঔ
  • Consonants: ক, খ, গ, ঘ, ঙ; চ, ছ, জ, ঝ, ঞ; ট, ঠ, ড, ঢ, ণ; ত, থ, দ, ধ, ন; প, ফ, ব, ভ, ম; য, র, ল, ব; শ, ষ, স, হ; ড়, ঢ়, য়;
  • Other:


Bangla consonants do not have special names. They are known by the sound they represent followed by the vowel অ [ɔ]. For example: ক is pronounced [kɔ], গ is pronounced [gɔ], etc.

This অ is present in every consonant unless it is replaced by a different vowel. Hence, this অ present in every consonant is called the inherent vowel.

The Bengali script is arranged in a logical sequence. Characters of similar sounds are grouped together.

consonant (with inherent vowel) animated image showing how to write the letter pronunciation in isolation syllabic forms with other vowels related consonant conjuncts
কা কি কী কু কূ কৃ কে কৈ কো কৌ
খা খি খী খু খূ খৃ খে খৈ খো খৌ
গা গি গী গু গূ গৃ গে গৈ গো গৌ
ঘা ঘি ঘী ঘু ঘূ ঘৃ ঘে ঘৈ ঘো ঘৌ
ঙা ঙি ঙী ঙু ঙূ ঙে ঙৈ ঙো ঙৌ
চা চি চী চু চূ চৃ চে চৈ চো চৌ
ছা ছি ছী ছু ছূ ছে ছৈ ছো ছৌ।।
জা জি জী জু জূ জৃ জে জৈ জো জৌ