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Wikibooks Bartending Guide Contents[edit]

5.1. Alcoholic beverages
5.1.1. Spirits (distilled beverages) 25% developed  as of 30 May 2008
  • Absinthe
    • Blanche / la Bleue (Switzerland)
    • Verte (France)
    • Absenta (Spain)
    • Bohemian style absinth (also known as absinth [without an 'e'], Czech-style absinthe, and anise-free absinthe)
  • Brandy
    • Grape brandy: Armagnac (Armagnac region, France), Brandy de Jerez (Jerez region, Spain), California grape brandies (California, U.S.), Cognac (Cognac region, France), Lourinhã (Estremadura region, Portugal), Pisco (Peru and Chile), Other grape brandies
    • Pomace brandy: Aguardente (Portugal), Chacha (Georgia), Grappa (Italy), Grozdova (Bulgaria), Lozovaca (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia), Marc (France), Orujo (Spain), Rachiu de tescovina (Romania), Törköly (Hungary), Tresterbrand (Germany), Tsipouro (Greece), Zivania (Cyprus)
    • Fruit brandy
      • Generic terms: Eau de vie (France, global), Pálinka (Hungary), Tzuika (Romania)
      • Apple: Calvados (France, global), Obstler (with pear; Germany)
      • Apricot: Barack (Hungary)
      • Cherries: Kirschwasser or simply Kirsch (Germany, global), Cseresznye (Hungary)
      • Elderberry: Bodza (Hungary)
      • Pear: Obstler (with apple; Germany), Vilmoskörte (Hungary)
      • Plum: Slivovice (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland), Szilva (Hungary), Zwetschgenwasser (Germany)
      • Raspberry: Himbergeist (Germany)
      • Walnut: Dió (Hungary)
      • Mixed or blended: Vegyes (Hungary)
  • Gin
    • Distilled gin
      • London dry gin
      • Jenever (also known as Holland gin, Dutch gin, junever, genievre, genever, jeniever, and peket)
      • Plymouth gin
      • Old Tom gin
    • Compound gin
    • Liqueur gins
      • Sloe gin
      • Damson gin
  • Rum
    • Cachaca
  • Tequila
    • Mezcal
  • Vodka
    • Flavored vodkas
  • Whisky
    • The various whiskies
    • American whiskey
    • Canadian whisky
    • Indian whisky
    • Irish whiskey
    • Japanese whisky
    • Welsh whisky
    • Scotch whisky
      • Highlands
      • Lowlands
      • Speyside
      • Isle
      • Glayva
  • Less common and regional spirits
5.1.2. Liqueurs (distilled beverages)
  • Berry liqueurs
  • Chocolate liqueurs
    • Examples: CHOC
  • Coffee liqueurs
  • Cream liqueurs
  • Crème liqueurs
    • Examples: creme de banane (banana), crème de cacao (chocolate), crème de cassis (blackcurrant), crème de menthe (mint), creme de noyaux (almond)
  • Flower liqueurs
    • Example: Rosolio
  • Fruit liqueurs
    • Apple: Manzana verde, Pucker
    • Banana: Examples: 99 Bananas, Amabilli, Pisang Ambon
    • Lemon: Example: Limoncello
    • Lychee: Example: Lichido
    • Mandarin: Example: Mandarine Napoleon
    • Melon: Example: Midori
    • Orange
      • Examples: Cointreau, Curaçao, Grand Marnier, triple sec
    • Pear: Examples: Kruškovac
    • Pomegranate: Examples: DeKuyper, PAMA
    • Prickly pear: Example: Bajtra
    • Tropical fruits: Examples: Destinee, Hpnotiq
    • Pink grapefruit: Example: GRAPèRO (with pinot noir wine)
    • Fruit blends: Examples: Licor 43 (citrus, vanilla), Medronho (strawberry tree/arbutus), NUVO (fruit nectars and sparkling chardonnay and pinot noir wines), Passoã (passion fruit, mango, pineapple, or coconut flavors), X-Rated Fusion Liqueur (blood orange, mango and passion fruit)
  • Herbal liqueurs
  • Nut-flavored liqueurs
    • Almond: Example: Amaretto
  • Whisky liqueurs
  • Other liqueurs
5.1.3. Fermented beverages
5.2. Non-alcoholic beverages
5.3. Mixers
5.3.1. Syrups
5.3.2. Preprepared mixes
5.3.3. Bitters
5.3.4. Carbonated mixers and sodas
5.3.5. Juices
5.3.6. Dairy products
5.3.7. Caffeinated beverages
5.3.8. Sauces
5.3.9. Other mixers
5.4. Ice
5.5. Garnishes
5.5.1. Edible garnishes
5.5.2. Inedible garnishes
9. Appendix A. Complete books and excerpts

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