Bartending/Alcohol/Cream liqueur

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Advocaat bw.jpg
14-20% ABV (28-40º proof)
Origin: Dutch
Flavor: Egg yolk (originally avocado), brandy, and (some brands) cream.
Appearance: Thick yellow cream


17% ABV (34º proof)
Origin: South Africa
Flavor: Amarula fruit and cream
Appearance: pale yellow

Drumgray Highland Cream Liqueur[edit]

17% ABV (34º proof)
Origin: Scotland
Flavor: Whiskey, scottish herbs and cream
Appearance: cream

Irish Cream[edit]

Baileys Irish Cream[edit]

Baileys Irish Cream.jpg
17% ABV (34º proof)
Origin: Ireland
Flavor: whisky & cream
Appearance: cafe latte

Saint Brendan's[edit]

StBrendan s750.jpg
17% ABV (34º proof)
Origin: Northern Ireland
Flavor: Irish whiskey 'n cream
Appearance: caffe latte


Mozart White chocolate liqueur[edit]

Mozart white.jpg
15% ABV (30º proof)
Origin: Austria
Flavor: chocolate, vanilla, caramel and cream
Appearance: white chocolate

Mozart Gold chocolate liqueur[edit]

Mozartgold bw.jpg
17% ABV (34º proof)
Origin: Austria
Flavor: chocolate and cream
Appearance: milk chocolate

Ponche Caribe[edit]

Ponche Caribe.jpg
11% ABV (22º proof)
Origin: Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
Flavor: rum, milk, vanilla, eggs
Appearance: cream

Ponche Crema[edit]

Ponche Crema02.jpg
15% ABV (30º proof)
Origin: Venezuela
Flavor: rum, cream and egg-yolk
Appearance: pale yellow

Ponche Diva[edit]

Ponche Diva.jpg
10% ABV (20º proof)
Origin: Bahamas
Flavor: pistachio cream
Appearance: pistachio

Ponche Kuba[edit]

Ponche Kuba.jpg
9% ABV (18º proof)
Origin: Barbados
Flavor: spiced rum cream
Appearance: cream