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Flavour Beer
Units 3.7
Standard drinks 3.9

The boilermaker consists of a shot of whiskey and a glass of beer.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

  • 1 pint American Pilsner
  • 1 shot Tennessee Whiskey (or Bourbon)

Glass[edit | edit source]

Pint Glass (Pub).svg
Shot Glass (Standard).svg

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Generally, the shot of whiskey and beer are served separately to the customer. There is more than one way to consume this drink; one can:

  • Shoot the whiskey and then drink the beer
  • Pour the whiskey in the beer
  • Take the whiskey as a "depth shot," that is, drop the shot glass into the beer, causing the beer to foam up, and then chug the result. Note that this is not exactly the safest procedure, especially after a few drinks; if the shot glass breaks when dropped, it may go unnoticed until the glass shards hit the throat.

Related Drinks[edit | edit source]

  • The Irish Car Bomb, where the shot consists of a 2:1 mixture of Irish whiskey and Irish cream
  • The Dog's Nose, with gin
  • The Beer Buster, with vodka and a couple dashes of tabasco