AvernumScript/Appendix/Return Data Types

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Returned Data Types[edit]

Data Type Range Verified?
short −32,768 to +32,767 Assumed[1]
void NULL Partial[2]
unknown NULL Partial[3]

Functions with an unknown Return Value[edit]

Functions assumed to have a void Return Value[edit]


  1. The short data type is assumed to be correct. I have not verified this, but it is a reasonable assumption considering the fact that AvernumScript is a scripting language interpreted through a game written in C or C++.
  2. The void data type has been partially verified. Using functions such as void print_num(short num) where short calls a function that also returns void, BoA will display the error message "Empty expression in line %d".
  3. The unknown data type is used where I have not been able to determine what data type is returned. Here is a list of functions assumed to return the void data type. See the thread at Spiderweb Software's forums for further details.