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This is a reference guide for the Blades of Avernum Avernumscript language. Blades of Avernum is a role playing game made by Spiderweb Software, more information can be found at the Avernum Web Site. This document is basically the calls section of the Blades of Avernum Editor Appendices put in an online, easily browsable form.

Currently, almost all credit should go to Jeff Vogel, creator of the software and writer of the original documentation. This wikibook will be heavily based off the original documentation.

Table of Contents[edit]

  1. General notes about scripting
  2. Basic Script and IO Calls
  3. Campaign and Scenario Calls
  4. Basic Character Calls
  5. Item, Special Item and Gold Calls
  6. Location and Distance Calls
  7. Statistic and Damage Functions
  8. Animation and SFX Functions
  9. Scenario Initialization Calls
  10. Boats and Horses
  11. Event Calls
  12. Town Calls
  13. Outdoor Calls
  14. The Passage of Time
  15. Miscellaneous Special Calls
  16. Terrain Checking and Modification
  17. Dialog Calls
  18. Basic Dialog Box Calls
  19. Advanced Dialog Box Calls
  20. Terrain Script and Creature Script Calls
  21. Terrain Script Calls
  22. Movement, AI Functions
  23. Combat and Targeting Calls
  24. Grouping Calls
  25. Messaging Calls
  26. Advanced Item Management Calls
  27. NPCs Joining Party Calls
  28. Splitting Up the Party Calls
  29. Custom Item Ability Calls
  30. Custom Character Ability Calls
  31. Cutscene Calls
  32. String Manipulation Calls
  33. Debugging Procedures
  34. Bugs and Workarounds

Quick Reference[edit]

  1. Bugs and Workarounds
  2. Return Data Types
  3. Constants
  4. Lexicon