Authoring Foreign Language Textbooks/Quizlet and Memrise

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Quizlet and Memrise are two external websites that have developed an electronic flash card system to help people memorize items. Both sites allow registration for free and it is possible to create training sets, e.g. for the particular vocabulary being taught in a particular module of a language book. As long as wikimedia software has nothing comparable to offer, the authors of language books could create specific training sets for their material and put an external link to that particular training set.

For example, if you wish to train yourself in the 56 most common words of the Dutch language you could do that here.

As the wiki software does not really facilitate this kind of memorization, the Dutch book now has a set of vocabulary training sets at Quizlet for most of the Beginner level classes and a link thereto. The sets contain the added vocabulary taught in that particular lesson.