Artificial Intelligence/Chronology

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Artificial intelligence over the years[edit | edit source]

The field of artificial intelligence has growth over a period of more than sixty years and machines still can't emulate human thought processes. The table below shows some significant milestones that occurred along the way. Due to the nature of the book, detailed information about each interval might serve the pages of yet another book on the WikiBook shelf regarding the history of AI.

Table 1: Chronological history of Artificial Intelligence
The information in this table is colour-coded with appropriate colour indicating the faction of Artificial Intelligence the event is related to. To know which color belongs to which please refer to the legend here:

  General events
  Neural Networks
  Heuristics Searching
 Year  Event/Milestone
  • Marvin Minsky and Dean Edmonds assemble the first ever neural network machine 300 vacuum tubes and a surplus auto-pilot from a B-24 bomber.
  • Herbert Simon and Allen Newell came up with yet another program called the General Problem Solver to overcome the logical shortcomings of the Logic Theorists and to encapsulate within itself a universal problem solver.