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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Zune (Aros MUI replacement) has a few features of MUI3.8 but many things have still to be done, compatibility checked and bug(s) fixed.

Test all that native mui apps on os4/mos, and it will be the best test case for zune-mui3.8 compatibility. Like for example by Ibrowse, WookieChat, SabreMsn, Amirc and Lunapaint to trap inconsistencies.

MUI3.8[edit | edit source]

Tabs don't work, the string acknowledge notification doesn't work, and the gui wants to resize by itself for no reason i.e. when entering text into the chat window, etc.. and refreshes itself continually for no reason? Or so it seems? ..

Zune still doesn't support custom application screens. All the needed parts (PSI and muiscreen library) are already in place, now it's only a matter of connecting them.

cause crashes - most notable are objects embedded in balance groups.

NList classes don't appear to get minmax'ed so items get drawn at the original "size" still Some Zune classes call MUIA_ShowMe inside show method (maybe they shouldn't) which triggers a recalcdisplay method in window class. Which first hides objects. Does re-asking minmax, relayout, and show objects again. Here's one of the problem. show show "recursion", etc, etc.

Trouble with boopsi gadget based classes (like prop) which then create boopsi gadget twice, ...

HTMLview MCC is made portable and should be ported to AROS.

MUI4[edit | edit source]

MUI4 was really extended or improved in many ways, but for applications like OWB, mainly dtpic.mui with alpha support, groups/tabs able to use groups as titles, list class much improved and adding proper methods for display/construction/destruction/whatever instead of hooks. There were also many improvements in family handling and much more.

Missing[edit | edit source]

MUI 3.8 LIBS: Zune LIBS: Issues Resolved
muiconfig.library ?
muigfx.library ?
muihelp.library ?
muilocale.library ?
muilowlevel.library ?
muimaster.library muimaster.library
muipop.library ?
muipropg.class ?
muirexx.library ?
muiscreen.library muiscreen.library
muispecial.library ?
muiwinborder.class ?
muiwinscroller.class ?
LIBS:mui Classes/Zune Issues Resolved
Aboutmui.mui Aboutmui.mui
? Balance.mui
Boopsi.mui Boopsi.mui
Busy.mcc Busy.mcc
Busy.mcp ?
Coloradjust.mui Coloradjust.mui
Colorfield.mui Colorfield.mui
Crawling.mcc Crawling.mcc
Dirlist.mui Dirlist.mui
Dtpic.mui Dtpic.mui
Floattext.mui Floattext.mui
Frameadjust.mui ?
Framedisplay.mui ?
Gauge.mui ?
Imageadjust.mui ?
Imagedisplay.mui ?
Knob.mui Knob.mui
Levelmeter.mui Levelmeter.mui
Listtree.mcc ?
Listtree.mcp ?
ListtreeName.mcc ?
MagicWB.mcc ?
Numericbutton.mui ?
Palette.mui Palette.mui
Penadjust.mui ?
Pendisplay.mui ?
Popasl.mui Popasl.mui
Popframe.mui Popframe.mui
Popimage.mui Popimage.mui
Poppen.mui Poppen.mui
Popscreen.mui Popscreen.mui
Scale.mui ?
Scrollgroup.mui Scrollgroup.mui
Settings.mui ?
Settingsgroup.mui Settingsgroup.mui
Virtgroup.mui Virtgroup.mui
Volumelist.mui Volumelist.mui
Images ?

Issues[edit | edit source]

There are some annoying stuff with MUI. Get() for instance, some values will not get() e.g. BOOL, WORD or strings unless you get the Exact correct data types right. Took days to work out why the values I set in GUI never matched up in what I saved.

Also, why are some useful macros in MUI are now obsolete? Slider(x,y,z) is easy to use than MUI_MakeObject() or SliderObject() ... So I stuck with the obsolete stuff. How do I stop the Zune SliderObject from displaying the current level as a number inside the slider? Setting MUIA_Slider_Quiet to TRUE when creating it doesn't seem to have any effect. I've worked around this problem for now by subclassing MUIC_Prop and creating a Slider-like API on top of it.